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Patchwork Quilts

There are many types of patchwork or medallion type quilts. Following are quilts that I have made for my family and friends. 

Click on any photo to make it larger to see more detail.
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Nature Quilt

This quilt measures 74" x 83.5", it is made of nature fabrics. The perfect gift for the man in your life! Easily customize it with a themed fabrics such as fishing, bears, deer, etc. Available to have made for $500.00

This quilt was completed December 2012.


Medallion Quilt

This is a King Size Medallion Quilt made for a friend. It uses Asian themed fabrics throughout. It was quilted by Laurie Gustafson.

This quilt was completed September 2010.


Feline Fancy Quilt for Fabri-Quilt

I was asked to design a quilt using some cat fabrics that Fabri-Quilt was launching at Quilt Market in May 2009. The fabric included a cat panel and the fabrics you see in this quilt. 

This quilt was completed April 2009.


rogerfull.jpg (176959 bytes)

rogercorner.jpg (148071 bytes)

Christmas Quilt

I made a Double Irish Chain quilt for my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas. It is blue &  yellow and pulling bits of black into the border (there is black in the yellow and blue in the blender fabric). It is a king size quilt. The back has Fairy Frost by Michael Miller - it quilted up just beautifully!

This quilt was quilted by The Quilting Cottage.

This quilt was completed December 2003.

nebraskafull.jpg (213105 bytes)

nebraskafull2.jpg (163332 bytes)

Nebraska Cornhuskers Quilt

This Double Irish Chain quilt made with red and white Nebraska Cornhusker colors is 88" x 88". The center block has a "N" with the words Nebraska Cornhuskers, and the blocks surrounding the center also have the "N". 

This quilt will be quilted on a long arm machine - I only pieced the top.

This top was completed December 2003.

corieskirt.jpg (172778 bytes)

corieduvet.jpg (221374 bytes)

Love Bug II Bed Set (full size)

The first photo shows a gathered bed skirt. This piece goes on top of the box spring then the mattress fits on top of this. Notice the detail of adding a strip of coordinating fabric before the gather so that if the mattress moves - you see decorator fabric instead of white! 

The second photo shows the duvet cover using three of the Love Bug II fabrics - one on the top of the quilt, the second on the bottom of the quilt, and cording separating the two. You can see it with more detail in the photo below which also shows a Euro Sham made with the same fabric as the cording. 

This bed set was completed December 2003.

This darling Love Bug II fabric is available at www.bugfabric.com/northcott.htm

coriesham.jpg (217673 bytes)

kathifull.jpg (130452 bytes)

kathi2full.jpg (125824 bytes)

Soccer Duvet Cover & Pillow Sham

This photo shows half of a twin size duvet cover made for a client. It has the flying soccer balls on the top, and a sky blue fabric on the back. The second photos shows how it closes with hidden buttons at the foot of the duvet cover.

This duvet cover was completed November 2003.

kathipillow.jpg (98745 bytes)

"Original Quilts did a beautiful job on my 10 year old daughter's duvet cover. I searched everywhere for a "soccer theme". Pam found the perfect fabric and worked with me for an affordable price. My daughter will be so thrilled on Christmas!"  -- Kathi

quillow.jpg (93956 bytes)


This is a quilted pillow measuring 18" x 22" which unfolds into a large lap size quilt "40 x 70".  It includes embroidery on the front of the pillow. This was made from fabric at the www.bugfabric.com website.

This quilt was completed September 2003.

flag1.jpg (62402 bytes)

flagstars.jpg (44732 bytes)

American Flag Quilt

This 36" x 60" American Flag quilt is a perfect lap quilt for family to enjoy. Please click on the lower picture to see a close up of the stars. They are all hand folded stars. It is completely quilted with the flag design on one side, and red, white, and blue patterned fabric on the back.  

This quilt was completed December 2001.

momweave.jpg (25287 bytes)

Mom's Woven Quilt

This is a quilt I made for my mom for Christmas 1999. I used scraps from the "Round the World Quilt. 

Garden Twist.jpg (30488 bytes)

Garden Twist Quilt

This quilt was made for my in-laws Wayne and Beverly. The top part of the picture shows the Garden Twist pattern, and the bottom (blue) portion is a different picture showing the label created for the quilt using embroidery from the sewing machine.

flannel.jpg (23797 bytes)

Flannel Lap Quilt

This quilt I made for my husband for Christmas in 2000. It is a flannel lap quilt that is used in our family room. it is so comfy! A great gift idea! It is  40" x 60". 

Roundworld.jpg (28681 bytes)

My first Quilt

This is the first quilt I ever made. I took a class in "round the world" quilts. It is quite a large project for a first quilt, but we use this today in our guest bedroom.

star.jpg (11240 bytes)

Star Quilt

This star quilt is hanging in our living room. 

Flowersforruthie.jpg (44438 bytes)

Flowers for Ruthie

This quilt I made for my husbands grandmother who lives in a nursing home in Texas. She uses this to throw over herself when the air conditioning gets too cold for her. The top photo is the whole quilt, and the bottom photo is detail of one square. This is a log cabin design.

sampler.jpg (25544 bytes)

Quilt Sampler

This quilt shows a sample of many types of quilt squares. Typically, this is called a quilt sampler.

Child1.jpg (43336 bytes)

morgan2.jpg (48791 bytes)

Morgan's Quilt

This quilt was made for Morgan. She wanted something bright for her room, and her mom requested some blue. Morgan is my niece. This is a twin bed quilt. The photo on top shows the design of the quilt and the photo embroidery label on the quilt. The bottom photo shows it on her bed. 

Completed December 2000.

nephews.jpg (25455 bytes)

I'm shown here with my three nephews with their quilts I made them for Christmas. You can see detail of each of the quilts below. I also made pillow shams and extra pillows for their beds for their birthdays later in the year. Other ideas for kids rooms include using the same fabrics for bulletin boards, dust ruffles and curtains. These quilts were completed December 1999.

soccer.jpg (54101 bytes)

Matthew's Quilt

This quilt was made for my nephew Matthew. It has a soccer theme. I found a large print soccer fabric, then selected other fabrics to match the main theme. I made a pillow sham and two smaller pillows for his room. The fabric selected for the back side of the quilt has stars so when he slips under the quilt at night to sleep he can be under the stars! Completed December 1999.

baseball.jpg (52123 bytes)

Michael's Quilt

This quilt was made for my nephew Michael. It has a baseball theme. It is primarily red, white, and blue to show the patriotism of baseball, but also has green which brings in the grass from the ballpark. The back of the quilt has hats and bats printed on a soft flannel fabric. Shown also are the pillow sham and two smaller pillows. Completed December 1999.

cars.jpg (40031 bytes)

Joshua's Quilt

This is Joshua's quilt, my oldest nephew. It has a car theme. I started with a cute car fabric, then selected other matching fabrics with a car theme in mind. The other fabrics look like car tire tracks, and grids showing the roads. Completed December 1999.


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