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Below are some definitions you may want to become familiar with. 

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Appliqué: Appliqué is when fabric is layered on top of other fabric and secured by stitching. 

Background Fabric: I use the term background fabric on this site. For the 100 Wishes Quilts, it is best to select a background fabric that is fairly plain so that the highlight of the quilt will be the 100 different fabrics.

Batting: The batting is the product used between the quilt top and the back of the quilt. It is these three layers that make up the quilt. Batting comes in many forms. Original Quilts will use Warm & Natural, Warm & White, or Hobbs 80/20  batting in most cases unless otherwise noted.

Block: A block is one unit of design that makes up the repeated pattern.

Binding: The binding is the last fabric to be put on the quilt. It attaches the front to the back of the quilt. The binding fabric should look nice with both the front and the back of the quilt.

Border: A border is fabric which outlines your main area on a quilt. Borders can either run around the outside of the main area, or there can also be borders between each block. There can be multiple borders on a quilt.

Mitered Corner: Mitered corners are the nice finished corners you often see on quilts. 

Quilt Back: This is the fabric used on the back side of the quilt.

Quilt Top: When the blocks are sewn together this makes the quilt top.

Quilting: Once the top is pieced, and layered with the batting and back, the three layers can either be tied, or quilted. Quilting can be done by hand or by machine. Original Quilts only offers machine quilting at this time. Depending on the design, the quilting can be done in a number of ways. Most common are stitching in the ditch along a pattern in the quilt, or by stippling. Stippling looks much like the yellow background used on this website (freeform meandering). Other patterns are available -- the more detail to the quilting, the more time it takes, hence a higher price. 

Sizes:  Please keep in mind that the pattern you select, and the final layout of the quilt (who many squares across & down plus your boarders) will determine the exact measurement of your quilt. Here is a general guideline to measurements:

Crib:    30" x 45" (small), 40" x 60" (large)
Twin:     65" x 97"
Double: 80" x 97"
Queen: 86" x 102"
King:    104" x 102"

Tied Quilts: This is when the three layers (top, batting, and back) are tied together instead of quilted together.

Thread: Original Quilts uses cotton thread for piecing and quilting the quilts. Threads come in many different colors.  Red thread may want to be used in quilting the 100 Wishes Quilts, as there is a Chinese legend that says there is a Red Thread that connects all living things around the world. They say the Red Thread may stretch and tangle, but it will never break. 



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