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Charity Quilts

Original Quilts feels it is important to offer time to work on charity quilts. I've spent many hours doing charity work, but with Original Quilts and Bug Fabric my time is limited, so I try to donate when I can. Here are some of the quilt's I've worked on for charity. At Stone Soup we make quilts for patients at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle. At Block Party Quilter's, we make quilts for Ronald McDonald House, and in Quilter's Anonymous we make premature baby quilts. For the Stray Threads Quilt Guild and Dress a Girl Around the World, I've donated many yards of fabric! (Please do not ask for donations - our donations are handled for the year.) I also do China Orphanage quilts. See the quilts that I have helped make for these charities below:

ohgwq1.jpg (187041 bytes)

100 Good Wishes Yahoo Group Charity Quilt

I received this quilt as a pieced top, and I quilted it with hearts and did the binding work. It was a labor of love from all the women in the OHGWQ Yahoo group. Thanks to all those women with helping hands who created blocks, and pieced it!


charitybug.jpg (354252 bytes)

charitybugq.jpg (204731 bytes)

Half the Sky Charity Quilt

This quilt was a labor of love from our Yahoo 100 Good Wishes Quilt Group. We had a bug fabric exchange where we all exchanged fabrics with bugs on them. Chris Schulte collected the bug blocks for this quilt and pieced the top. She sent it to me, and I added a border, quilted, and finished the binding work. We will now ship this to Half the Sky www.halfthesky.org, and they will either auction this off, or take it to one of the orphanages in China.


charity22.jpg (156665 bytes)

charity22a.jpg (220699 bytes)

Ronald McDonald House

This quilt was pieced by Val at Block Party Quilters. I was asked to quilt it - the hearts are all hand appliquéd on the quilt. Completed May 2003.


charity21.jpg (220180 bytes)

Ronald McDonald House

This quilt was pieced by someone in my Block Party Guild. I was asked to quilt it. This quilt will be delivered to the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle. Completed March 2003.

   charity15.jpg (127466 bytes)   charity11.jpg (136189 bytes)

 charity16.jpg (146125 bytes) charity17.jpg (190746 bytes)

charity18.jpg (202933 bytes) charity19.jpg (202408 bytes)

charity20.jpg (192473 bytes)   charity12.jpg (164232 bytes) 

 charity13.jpg (163422 bytes)    charity14.jpg (141385 bytes)

Quilts for Stone Soup (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center)

These ten Chinese Coin quilts were pieced by others in the group. I receive them basted to the back then I quilt them and put the binding on. Finished March 2003. 

dubbsch1.jpg (165211 bytes)    dubbsch2.jpg (182740 bytes)

dubbsch3.jpg (146531 bytes)    dubbsch4.jpg (178468 bytes)

dubbsch5.jpg (229299 bytes)

Quilts for a China Orphanage

A friend of mine in North Carolina is waiting for her travel date to go to China to pick up her new daughter. In the waiting, she asked me if I could help in getting these four cuddle quilts made so that she can take them and give them to the orphanage. I have a friend who offered to do the piecing of the tops for this project, then I quilted them and attached the bindings. The final hand work on the bindings will be done by my friend prior to her trip to China. The four quilts are shown, and the last photo shows the detail of the hearts in the quilting. 

Completed February 2003.

(North Carolina) 

charity7.jpg (194222 bytes)    charity8.jpg (109120 bytes)

charity9.jpg (121889 bytes)    charity10.jpg (179057 bytes)

Stone Soup Quilting

Many people come together to make the quilts for patients at Fred Hutch. A group of women make up the quilt kits, some piece the tops, others quilt, and some finish bindings. 

I quilted these four quilts, and finished the binding on them and delivered them back to Stone Soup Quilting in December 2002.

charity6.jpg (173113 bytes)

charity6a.jpg (198017 bytes)

Ronald McDonald House

At our local quilt guild show, children draw on quilt blocks, then we make them into quilts for the Ronald McDonald House. I received this quilt top already pieced, and I quilted it and finished the binding. The second photo shows the back of the quilt. Completed July 2002

charity5.jpg (176477 bytes)    charity4.jpg (242955 bytes)

charity3.jpg (147101 bytes)

Stone Soup Quilting

I added the bindings to these three quilts. These quilts go to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle to patients.

Completed June 2002

charity2.jpg (158847 bytes)

charity2a.jpg (151294 bytes)

China Orphanage Quilt

The blocks of this quilt were made by a client of mine. I added borders to the blocks to make them all the same size and added sashing between them. I gave this quilt to my friends Cindy & Richard to take with them to China to pick up their adoptive daughter. They gave this quilt to the people at the orphanage in China, so that a child in need of comfort can be wrapped in this warmth.

Each of the nine sampler blocks were machine quilted a bit different. Completed June 2002.

church2.jpg (162363 bytes)

church2a.jpg (319323 bytes)

Annual Conference Church Quilt

This quilt was made by a group of people at our church. It will be given away at annual conference. The quilt measures approx 68 x 64. The top picture shows the entire quilt, the below photo shows a close up of the quilted stars.

The quilting was all free motion stars quilted by Original Quilts. Completed May 2002.

clown.jpg (122392 bytes)

Children's Orthopedic Hospital - Clown Quilt

This quilt was made for an auction benefiting the Children's Orthopedic Hospital Clown Program in Seattle. The quilt was auctioned off in May of 2002, and it raised $550 for Children's Hospital. The quilt measures 32" x 40". The clown pattern was donated by Elna Sewing Centre & Jan's Patch. Completed April 2002.

stoneredblue.jpg (107144 bytes)

Stone Soup Quilt

The owner of Original Quilts volunteers time to Stone Soup Quilts. She selected the fabrics for this quilt, pieced the top, and completed the binding. It will now go to someone at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle who can be blessed with the good feelings in this quilt.  Completed January 2002

charity1c.jpg (116915 bytes)

charity1a.jpg (118334 bytes)

Ronald McDonald Charity Quilt

This charity quilt is made from donated fabric. Customers of Original Quilts have the option of donating their unused (extra) fabric to Original Quilts for use in charity quilts. This quilt back is was donated generously from Sylvia (see Lydia's quilt). The fabric for the front of the quilt was donated from other sources.

Ronald McDonald quilts are sewn by members of our quilt guild and donated to the Ronald McDonald house.  Completed 12/01, another one just like this was completed January 2002.

churchquilt.jpg (42208 bytes)

Church Quilt

This is a quilt I worked on with other members of our church to give away at the annual conference. It was given to a child.

stonesoup1.jpg (45887 bytes)

Stone Soup Quilt

This is a quilt I sewed for Stone Soup which is a non-profit group in Seattle who sews quilts for patients at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The fabrics are donated and matched together in kits, then given out for volunteer sewers to piece the tops. The top photo is of of the quilt, and the bottom photo shows more detail of two of the squares. This is a log cabin design.

stonesoup2.jpg (23300 bytes)

Stone Soup Quilt

This is another quilt sewn for the Stone Soup - I pieced this one, but did not quilt or bind it.


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